High-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hsCRP) is a marker of inflammation that predicts incident myocardial infarction, stroke, peripheral arterial disease, and sudden cardiac death among healthy individuals.

Pre – Requisites No special requirement
Sample Type Serum
Report Delivery (TAT) 24 hrs
Method Spectrophotometry

Frequently Asked Questions on hsCRP

Plaque – the blockage in blood vessels is caused due to accumulation of cell products & CRP. Elevated levels of CRP may predict risk of first heart attack up to eight years in advance.

Men with high levels of CRP have three times the risk of a heart attack and two times the risk of a stroke, compared to men with lower levels of CRP. Elevated CRP levels may increase the risk of a heart attack or stroke seven-fold in women.

If you want to assess your risk of developing cardiovascular disease, you can go with this test.

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