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Diagnosis that alters treatment & outcome.

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Richest Menu of High-End Tests

Comprehensive diagnostic solutions for hereditary and sporadic cancers.

Clear and precise diagnostic answers for multiple hematological disorders.

Solutions for reproductive health such as infertility, pregnancy & sexual health.

Genetic tests for cardiovascular diseases and non-invasive tests for heart blockage.

Diagnosis of genetic endocrine disorders with a range of symptoms & severity.

Diagnosis of kidney diseases at an earlier time than current diagnostic solutions.

Detection of urological disorders of the urinary tract, bladder & prostate.

Specialized testing for ophthalmologic conditions.

Genetic testing & counseling for diagnosis of brain & nervous system disorders.

Across a Wide Range of Technologies


Various techniques to analyse biological markers in the genome & proteome—by applying molecular biology to medical testing. Our offerings include platforms like liquid biopsies (ddPCR), PCR, rtPCR, qPCR, NGS and Sanger Sequencing.


Process of detecting antigens in cells of a tissue by exploiting the principle of antibodies binding specifically to antigens in tissues. Our IHC menu is the largest in the country. We get two pathologists to review our report before it is released to reduce chances of error.


Cell counting, cell sorting, biomarker detection & protein engineering. Our advanced platform allows us to do extremely high quality reporting for all kinds of diseases including very specialised panels for Minimum Residual Disease monitoring.


Microscopic examination of the tissue to study the manifestations of the disease. We use global guidelines to give the most comprehensive biopsy reports which are reviewed and signed out by global organ specialists.


Diagnosis of diseases at the cellular level. Our Cytopathology section is entirely automated. We use international reporting guidelines such as the BETHESDA system which makes our reports truly world class.


Study of the structure and function of the cell. Our Karyotyping & FISH platforms are fully automated with improved levels of detection & almost negligible need for retesting. We are able to provide images on all our reports to improve your diagnostic confidence.


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