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Test Name

dualCORE unlimited markers

Specimen information

Received two paraffin blocks and two stained slides labeled with B/509687/20 & B/509688/ 20 for review and immunohistochemistry. Test is performed on the block labeled with B/509688/20.

Clinical History

Features are suggestive of diffuse glioma - Low grade (WHO grade III).



Final Diagnosis

Thalamic tumor from 3rd lateral ventricle, paraffin block for review and immunohistochemistry:

  • Integrated diagnosis: Diffuse glioma,H3K27 mutant , WHO grade IV
  • Histologic diagnosis : Diffuse astrocytoma , WHO grade II of IV , IDH-1 negative by IHC

commentComments from the pathologists on their approach to the rendered diagnosis with further recommendations for molecular/ cytogenetic studies

Specimen consists of biopsy fragments of while matter with a moderately atypical infiltrate of astrocytic cells. there is no evidence of vascular proliferation or necrosis. Scattered mitosis is seen.

Although histologic grade is that of a grade II astrocytoma the positivity for H3K27 M is consistent with a diagnosis of a diffuse midline glioma, H3K27 M mutant which are considered as grade IV lesions due to their historically aggressive clinical behaviour.

  • Microscopic and immunohistochemically assessments
  • Detailed clinico-pathologic correlation predicting the response and guiding the treatment.
  • In specialized branches, like neuropathology, giving an integrated report

Correlation with radiology findings is recommended to confirm midline location of the tumor

Immunohistochemistry studies

GFAP : Diffuse positive

IDH : Negative (R132 H IHC),

ATRX : Lost

P53: Negative(wild type),

H3K27 M : Positive(consistent with mutant)

Ki67 5 -7%,

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IMMUNOHISTOCHEMISTRY STUDIESIHC images for the better view of the positive/ relevant markers


P53 (BP 53-12)

GFAP (Polyclonal)

ATRX (D-5)

H3K27 M.

Ki67 (MIB-1)

IDH-1 (R132 H)


All immunohistochemistry markers have been evaluated in the context of appropriate positive and negative controls. A result is considered uninterpretable as a result of the type of fixative used (non 10% neutral buffered formalin), time to fixation (> 1 hour), duration of fixation (> 6 hr or <72 hour), strong decalcification, or inappropriate staining of normal internal or external assay controls. An alternative sample for retesting is then usually recommended.

These assays have not been validated on decalcified specimens.

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