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What is Cancer?

Cancer is when there are changes happening with normal cells that lead them into growing abnormally fast within the body. This creates lumps that form tumors. If left untreated, these tumors might become more serious.

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Cancer Facts

  • 10 million people die due to cancer each year
  • One-third of Cancers are preventable
  • Cancer is the Second-leading cause of death worldwide
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Early detection of Cancer highly increases the chances of successful treatment and better survival. We need to recognize possible warning signs of Cancer and take prompt action which leads to early diagnosis.

About CORE Diagnostics

CORE Diagnostics is a comprehensive diagnostic solution for hereditary and sporadic cancers.

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Out of all Cancers, 5 to 10 percent are thought to be hereditary. In hereditary Cancer cases, an individual inherits a copy of a growth control gene with a mutation from one parent, and a working copy of the same gene from the other parent. A cell can lose its growth control and become cancerous if the working copy of the gene in a cell becomes damaged by a mutation. There is a much greater chance of developing certain cancers in individuals who inherit a Cancer susceptibility gene. However, not everyone with an inherited Cancer susceptibility gene will develop Cancer.

Signs suggesting hereditary Cancer include
  • Two or more relatives with the same type of Cancer, on the same side of the family.
  • Several generations affected.
  • Early ages of Cancer diagnosis.
  • Individuals with more than one primary Cancer.
  • The occurrence in one family of cancers which are known to be genetically related (such as breast and ovarian Cancer, or colon and uterine Cancer).
  • The presence of physical signs which are known to be associated with hereditary Cancer (such as moles and melanoma, or polyps and colon Cancer).
  • Certain rare types of Cancer.

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Who should consider genetic counselling for Cancer Risk?

Anyone with a personal or family history of

  • More than one family member with the same type of Cancer or related cancers (e.g. breast and ovarian Cancer or colon and uterine)
  • Early-onset Cancer
  • Rare cancers (e.g. male breast Cancer or fallopian tube Cancer)
  • More than one Cancer in the same individual

What you can expect from the session?

In an initial consultation (which can happen via video-conferencing or over a phone call), the genetic counselor will:
  • Review your medical history & family history
  • Tell you what the chances are that the Cancer in your family is hereditary
  • Review the pros and cons of genetic testing if applicable
  • Review options for Cancer screening and risk reduction
  • Arrange genetic testing for those who choose to pursue it

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